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stay at Family Ecolodge, frequently asked questions

Why should cabins be reserved for adults? At Family Ecolodge there is a dream for everyone, young and old. Our cabins are spacious (32 m2 including 10 m2 of terrace) and are perfectly safe to accommodate children. A baby area is provided in the sanitary facilities and we can lend you everything you need for your little one. The children will even find their own little secret corner in the cabin… All this does not exempt you from supervising your children, just like at home.

Yes, via the Briare train station, which is located about 12 km away. You must then take a cab (to be booked in advance).

Cab Nadine Ponceau 02 38 31 90 65
Cab Ghillain 06 78 44 75 12
Cab Renard 02 38 31 52 91

On site you can rent electric bicycles and ride around the area.

There are no more mosquitoes around the pond than on the Champs Elysées! The water does not stagnate and the frogs eat everything that is good for them, preserving us from any mosquito invasion.

No special attire for the cabin, except for shoes suitable for walking on dirt roads! The most comfortable is of course casual dress, like the atmosphere of the Family Ecolodge. The same goes for yurts, trailers and safaris.

Breakfast is included in the stay. We also offer a picnic basket, to be booked in addition. Self-service meals are also available at the reception desk. You can also eat in nearby restaurants. Details of the composition of the picnic basket and list of recommended restaurants here.ici.

Breakfast is delivered to your accommodation around 8:30/8:45 am in a basket.

 In the 3 Chouettes cabins, as in the past, by candlelight! Natural and romantic atmosphere guaranteed. Everywhere else, there is electric lighting. The exteriors are deliberately not very well lit at night, to avoid any light pollution. Bring a smartphone or a flashlight for your night travels.

 In case of orange or red weather alert, or events outside our control (bad weather, storms, thunderstorms…), and for your safety, we reserve the right to cancel your stay. We will then offer you to postpone your stay without charge if you have not yet left your home. If you are already on site, we will offer you a new place to stay.

 Nothing could be simpler and it’s the assurance of an original gift that will please! Discover our gift vouchers for an unusual night here.

 One of the yurts can accommodate 6 or even 7 people. The safari tents and lodges have 3 separate sleeping areas and can accommodate up to 8 people. Welcome to the tribes!

 Yes, we offer group stays with an unusual night in a cabin, caravan, yurt …, full board and the provision of a private room for your stay. Find our offer of stay in group. Family Ecolodge is also a group lodging, unusual and friendly version.

Because we do not wish to damage the health of our trees, we have chosen to put all our tree houses on stilts.

Our Family Ecolodge tree houses are designed for everyone; they are not difficult to access. You don’t have to be athletic. The pleasure of a night in a tree house is not a question of age; whatever your age and physical condition, the tree house is waiting for you: to climb the 3 to 4 meters that separate the tree house from the ground, you will use a staircase.

People with reduced mobility can also enjoy the pleasure of a night in a cabin. The “dragonfly” cabin is built on stilts on a pond and is accessible by a pontoon. The family suite is perfectly adapted to tourism for people with disabilities. The common parts are accessible. The access to the tree houses is via a staircase, so they are accessible even with crutches! Some yurts are also designed to be accessible to people with motor disabilities, with access to a private bathroom for disabled people.


Just show up in the morning at 9:30 am in the Ecolodge courtyard, and we will go feed all the animals with all the volunteers of the day!

100% of our accommodations are electrified: so your battery will be able to recharge during the night.

Not much… we provide you with all the necessary linen and equipment. All you have to bring is a bathing suit and a towel for the sauna, a dash of good humor and a ray of sunshine.

All accommodations have a kitchenette. In the trailers, the Dragonfly hut and the Squirrel hut, there is a complete kitchenette and dishes. In the yurts and the guest room / family suite, there are dishes, a microwave, coffee maker and kettle, but no hotplates or sink (a hotplate is added in the guest room during the health crisis). In the 3 Chouettes cabins, there is a kitchenette with a stove, oven, refrigerator and dishes, but no running water (the sink for dishes is in the sanitary facilities in the common areas).


The yurts and 3 Owls cabins do not have water, but there is a pitcher and drinking water taps nearby. The trailers, the squirrel tree house, the dragonfly water house, the family suite, the safari tents and lodges have running and drinking water.

In a shower… Whatever the accommodation you rent, you will have access to a private shower room and toilet, even if your accommodation is not equipped with one. The “Libellule” and “Écureuil” cabins are equipped with a bathroom (shower, sink, dry toilet), as are the trailers, the suite and the safari tents and lodges.

All our cabins, gypsy caravans, yurts and the family suite are heated with electric or wood pellet heating. Our unusual accommodations are insulated with wood wool, sheep wool and cork, so they are very pleasant in all seasons. The safari tents and lodges are not heated, but have very warm comforters and blankets.

 Arrival time from 5pm, departure before 11am. Reception open from 9:30am to 12pm and from 5pm to 7:30pm during the summer school vacations and from 9:30am to 12pm and from 5pm to 7pm outside these hours. We thank you not to come on the site outside of these hours. Our nice advice if you arrive early: a small escapade in Briare-le-Canal, pretty city of water… Discover the itineraries of strolls in Briare (by following this link … Traffic jams on the road, a flat tire… a real disaster, but don’t worry, you can arrive at any time in the evening, whatever your day of arrival, in autonomy, by contacting us before 7 pm at 02 38 31 83 20.


 A parking lot is reserved for you at the entrance of the site. To preserve the tranquility of the site and ensure the safety of the children, car traffic is not possible in the site, even to unload. Parking lots adapted for people with reduced mobility are available in the immediate proximity of the accommodations concerned.

 You can pay by: check, cash, credit card, vacation vouchers, e-vouchers, Cabanes de France gift vouchers. 

You can connect by Wifi on the whole site, free of charge.

 Yes, of course! Cats/dogs are welcome at the Ecolodge, at no extra cost. So you can bring your dog along for your weekend or unusual vacation, in the tree houses, trailers, yurts, suite and safari tents and lodges. Dogs must be kept on a leash.

The dry toilets are to be emptied by you. Don’t panic, it’s very simple. You just have to go to the collector provided for this purpose with the bucket which is in the toilet, and to throw the bag contained in the bucket. You don’t have to close the bag. In short, it’s even easier than taking out the garbage at night. The operation should be done every 2 to 3 days.

Absolutely not: the absence of water and the presence of sawdust prevent the development of odors.

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