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jeu d'enquête Aenigmas

Outdoor escape game

an unusual outdoor game, combining treasure hunt, investigation and enigmas

Discover our investigation game : Aenigmas. You will track closely the guilty  people, with your friends or family and work on a mysterious case in the village of Batilly en Puisaye. This team game was created so that each member of the family is can take part in it and that several generations can play together.Game for French-speaking people only (word games)


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Oudoor murder party
  • 2 to 8 people (if more, please ask us)
  • Age of the players : adults, teenagers, and children (we recommend from 8 yo)
  • Animation : briefing before starting de game, guidance by a road book
  • Duration : 2 hours (can be done during several days)
  • Difficulty : 4/5
  • Place : outdoor, on the Ecolodge site and in Batilly en Puisaye
  • Prices :
    • Adults and teenagers (from 12) : 14€ per person
    • Child (from 7) : 10 €
    • Free for every child under 7
  • Reservation required via our numerical booklet (you will receive the link to reserve few days before your arrival)
  • Game for French-speaking people only (word games)
Good to know :

This game was conceived to develop and use each player’s competences :  a player on his own will not be able to solve all the enigmas.  The team will have to rely on each member. Be careful, this is not a paper chase / treasure hunt for children, but a quite difficult game to play between adults and teenagers and even if children can participate

This page is intended for people staying at the Family Ecolodge. If you want to play Aenigmas without staying at the Family Ecolodge, please visit www.lemystere.fr

Of outdoor escape game
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